This method is not officially supported(yet) and  is a Jerry-rigged implementation

Alternatively,  You can use the normal method to create your cluster

create /etc/openstack_deploy/conf.d/ceph.yml  to define your ceph cluster

create /etc/openstack_deploy/env.d/ceph.yml to define the structure, same as other  components

create /etc/openstack_deploy/user_extra_variables

create /opt/openstack-ansible/playbooks/ceph-mon.yml

create ceph-osd.yml under playbooks

under roles checkout the following   as roles/ceph-mon as roles/ceph-osd as roles/ceph.ceph-common

add the following on user_variables.yml

playbooks to run:

openstack-ansible setup-hosts

alongwith other containers, you will also see ceph_mon_container  on lxc-ls -f

openstack-ansible ceph-mon.yml
openstack-ansible ceph-osd.yml

Login to the mon container


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