OpenStack Dev Server Setup – CentOS

generate a ssh key without password. Copy the pub-key to the kickstart file. install necessary software

go to your /etc/sysconf/network-scripts/ folder edit ifcfg-em1 to be something like this

create ifcfg-br-net to be something like this

/etc/init.d/network restart brctl show

Now lets define the bridges to be used for openstack […]

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OpenStack Dev Server Setup – Ubuntu

OpenStack all-in-one development server. Get a good server with a fair amount of CPU and RAM. This also depends on the number of instances you plan to run on it. For a basic minimum, you need at least 1 vyos, 1 controller and 1 compute … You might be able to get away with 8 […]

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OpenStack Private Cloud – Architecture

Virtual Architecture [Dev/Test] For the Dev/Test setup, you can have one (good/powerful) server or a few OK ones. The minimum requirement is that it must have 1 network card and run Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Your main OS has 3 bridges br-net — we create this and put the public IP address here virbr0 – this […]

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OpenStack Liberty Private Cloud HowTo

OpenStack Liberty Private Cloud HowTo This howto is a work in progress. It will change frequently This how-to uses the default ansible playbooks with as little modification as possible. This how-to assumes that you have a more than basic understanding of linux, openstack and networking {assumption is the mother of all …. } This how-to […]

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