OpenStack add project and users




  ## please replace the password with a secure password ..[do not blindly copy/paste ūüôā ]





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OpenStack migrate routers and dhcp

For various reasons, you might need to migrate routers and dhcp agents. For dhcp, they are already multiple and due to lease-timeout,¬† the migration is not noticable For routers, the downtime might be noticable from anywhere between 5 seconds to a minute as the ports will be recreated. Here is an example of such a […]

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OpenStack add images to glance

You need to provide some images for your instances to be created. These can be any images. Login to the utility container (if using openstack-ansible deploy) or via cli as admin Download the image locally.

  Upload the image to openstack



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OpenStack add direct attached dhcp ips

In our architecture, direct attached dhcp IPs are in VLAN 201

note down the id .. we need it in the command below


neutron net-list

neutron subnet-list

Now you can select DHCP and get the IP directly to instance.

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OpenStack add floating ips

In our architecture, floating IPs are in VLAN 101.


note down the ID, and use the ID in the next command


neutron net-external-list

note down the id. Now you need to create a router to connect to this network.


 neutron router-list

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OpenStack affinity and anti-affinity

Affinity: ensures instances are in the same compute node Anti-Affinity: ensures that the instances are not in the same compute node.   nova server-group-list

  nova server-group-create far-apart anti-affinity¬† ##¬† ‘far-apart’ is just an arbitrary name I used

  nova server-group-list

  nova image-list

  nova flavor-list

  nova network-list […]

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